MIDORI Moving Sex Doll 163cm (5’4″) Cup E

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Moving Sex Doll* with optional Touch Sensors & Body Temperature Control.

1. Multiple build-in touch sensors that react to your touch. She will react with verbal expressions and moans depending on her level of excitement. Her vaginal sensors react to your level of touch or penetration.

2. Internal heating system gets the body temperature like a real human(37℃). This provides for a very comfortable and lifelike body. The electrical warming technology is 100% Certified Safe.

3. Advanced live like TPE skin made from new TPE material called M-TYPE that is more elastic and durable. M-TYPE material stretches more then 2x of regular TPE and thus is less prone to skin abrasions or tears. M-TYPE material is 100% food grade and is 100% safe to touch and kiss.

4. Composite steel skeleton and joints.

* Non AI Sex Doll – does not have an internal computer with artificial intelligence


Q1. How is she powered?
A: She is powered with an AC electrical adapter that plugs into the foot of the doll (no batteries).

Q2. What parts of her body moves?
A: Her spine moves back and forth creating both the thrusting movement for sex and the bobbing movement to suck your cock. (see demo video below)

Q3. Does she self-lubricate?
A: She does not self-lubricate. However, a lubricate free vaginal insert is available which eliminates or greatly reduces the need for lubricant.

Q4. Does she speak?
A: Sophia a moving robot sex doll. She does not talk or have any AI capabilities. See our AI Sex Robot for a doll that can speak and interact that has preprogrammed sexual talking/voice responses.

Q5. What are her other body functions
She is available with optional heated body temperature control and touch sensors similar to our AI Sex Robot or Advanced Sex Doll.

Q6. Can I control her sucking speed?
A: Yes, the bobbing and thrusting movement is controllable via a 3-speed remote control. The speed is controllable from slow to a really fast movement – adjust the speed via the remote control depending on how you like it. There is also a built-in temperature control system to prevent over-heating.

Q7. Does her mouth perform any sucking action?
A: There is no sucking function, but the suction created by the mouth itself provides the feeling of getting sucked. Combine the sucking feeling with the bobbing head movement on your cock and you are getting a very real-feeling blowjob. You can cum in her mouth, or on her face, or on her boobs – fulfill all your fantasies.


Eye: Brown
Skin Color: Light Tan
Foot Type: Standing
Material: TPE
Height: 163cm
Bra Size: E
Net Weight: 37KG
Full Bust: 88cm
Under Bust: 72cm
Waist: 63cm
Hip: 90cm
Foot Length: 20cm
Shoulder Width: 34cm
Vagina Depth: 17cm
Anus Depth : 15cm
Oral Depth: 15cm
Packing Size: 153*40*29cm

Doll body, doll head, handling gloves, vagina cleaning pot, wig, a random outfit (bikini or skirt), comb.

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Full manufacturing warranty included.


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    Skin Color Option

    Fingernail Color Option

    Toenail Color Option

    Standing Up Option

    Note: Standing foot option is needed if you would like your doll to be able to stand on her feet

    Breast Type

    Shoulder Type

    Vagina Options

    Note: There is no difference in appearance when the insert is installed

    Optional items

    Note: The removable vagina/insert option is required to fit the Penis Attachment

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