Our real life looking Artificially Intelligent Robot Companion Sex Dolls are equipped with world leading Technology. We have combined the best features of the female mind and body to bring you a Humanoid Experience like none other on this earth. All of our AI Robot Companion Sex Dolls come with internal heating of 37 degrees Celsius, this means not only can you enjoy their sexuality, but you can also connect with her on a human intimate level. She will emanate comfort and safety from her warm body allowing the intimacy to grow over time. Artificial Intelligence is a 21st Century Technology, we aim to be at the forefront of this innovation. We continue to make improvements to Our Technology weekly to ensure our customers receive the latest Technology!

Our AI Robot Companion Sex Dolls have the ability to learn with you, the Technology allows her to interact on everyday level. The Robot Companion can tell you the weather, remember your favourite foods, ask about your day, answer many questions and most importantly continue to learn along the way. Along with regular remote updates you are sure to enjoy that mental stimulation you have always craved. You have the ability to ask the Robot Companion anything and she will respond. You also have the ability to help your Robot Companion understand what your preferences are, for example what is your favourite food and where do you like to holiday!

The Material we use for the robot dolls is very strong, high resilience thermoplastic elastometer material. This material is NON-TOXIC and FOOD GRADE. Each robot doll is equipped with a lifelike Vagina, formed from extensive R&D to ensure you have the best real feeling and experience. A bonus feature is all of our AI Robot Companion Sex Dolls climax at just the right time!

Our AI Robot Companion Sex Dolls are equipped with built in sensors, this means she will react in a sensual and sexual way when you touch her in certain places. Our Technology allows remote upgrades, which means once new technology is built, we will be able to upgrade your AI Robot Companion Doll with her latest features.